Whaaaattttt??!!!! I know, I know. They are making a TV show AFTER making a sucky movie of the same book series. But I just cant help being excited!!!! Capture So I do not know if you know, I am currently reading the Shadowhunter Chronicles. Yup . In the order of publication cuz I heard thats how you should read these books and I am loving them. A LOT. I will be ranting about the books in my next posts, but for now, I am just gonna talk about the show. So far, we have the cast: Jace Wayland: Dominic Sherwood jacxe Simon Lewis: Alberto Rosende simon Isabelle Lightwood: Emeraude Toubia izzi Clary Fray: Katherine McNamara katherine-mcnamara-photoshoot-in-los-angeles-may-2014_5 So now I am just hoping they are clever with this. They are getting a do-over and they better not screw it up. I am insanely excited to see the show. A whole season is to b e released in early 2016. I will have to wait and stuff but it should be worth it . Hopefully. Anyway, to talk about the actors….I think they are great! Except maybe Simon. I wanted him to be a little more…I don’t know, soft? Roberto looks kind of tough and like, aarrrgggh!! you know what I mean? And Izzy looks perfect. Definitely Latino. I think that if the Lightwoods would all be Latino, it will be an interesting twist. Lol. I also think Roberto and Emeraude look great together. Clary and Jace are obviously perfect!!! I have high hopes and am definitely not upset by the casting. I will keep my eyes peeled for further casting announcements!! (Especially Alec and Magnus) Bye!!!! 🙂


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