So! I have never reviewed and discussed a contemporary novel on here. But when I received this book by the publicist, I read it within 12 hours and knew that I HAD to do a review right away!

DaisyAndTheFrontMan_FC (1)

Title: Daisy and the Front Man (Backstage Pass #3)

Author: Rebekah L. Purdy

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance/ RomCom

Source: Publisher, Netgalley

My rating: 94.87%, 4.6/5

Release date: June 16, 2015



(Obtained from Goodreads)

Hell hath no fury like a fangirl scorned…

When Daisy Morris finds out she’s spending the summer with her dad, bodyguard for Seconds to Juliet—the hottest boy band around—she knows it couldn’t be more perfect. But not because she’s a fan. Oh, no. Because ever since front man Trevin Jacobs completely humiliated her by standing her up for homecoming, Daisy is out for a little revenge. Yup, Trevin Jacobs is goin’ down…

When one of his bandmates bets Trevin he can’t make Daisy—the gorgeous but surprisingly ice-cold daughter of their bodyguard—fall in love with him, it’s a bet he can’t resist. Sure, Daisy won’t give him the time of day for reasons he can’t understand, and her dad’s hell-bent against his little girl spending time with a superstar. But the terms are set, and Trevin is determined to make Daisy fall…hard.

But every front man should know never to trust a girl with a pretty face…

This Entangled Teen Crush book contains adult language, sexual situations, and seriously hot boys. It may cause swoony daydreams involving a certain super-cute front man.

My Review

In General

I adored this book! This was one sweet, short, funny and satisfying contemporary! I say satisfying because it would not leave you hanging or wanting more. This book is the third in a series of companion novels written by different authors and can be read individually as well. I am very much tempted to read the others right now! It was just what I needed in between reading A Court of Thorns and Roses. Lol.

Anyway, so this is a story about a girl who gets stood up by the swoony boy band’s front man on her homecoming day. She had won a contest where she gets to go with one of the members on a date. The romantic fangirl thought it was just perfect. But when she gets stood up with nothing but a signed headshot and a swarm of paparazzi humiliating her, she wants revenge. And oh, does she get it! That was the best part. The hilarity of the revenge plot instead of the usual- ‘OMG, a boy band member is falling for me!’ plot – was much better. Not to mention more entertaining and funny!

The world, story and characters are very easy to fall into, very easy to get to know. Nothing hard or heavy. Just one sweet, fluffy romance that I would recommend to anyone. It really brought the whole boy band, fangirling world into a different light. How it all really is, especially in these days, where everything is mixed with social media. Wow. It was a little cringy and cheesy at times. Some parts were uncomfortable and too ‘been there done that’. Otherwise, I would have given this book a solid 5/5 star.

In any case, read and enjoy this light, cutesy contemporary. Now I will be going a little in-depth, discussing my favorite parts and the ending! So, spoilers ahead! 🙂

In Depth – 

OMG, my favorite part was definitely the video! I mean, it was a delicious mix of cheesy and cute! I kind saw that coming but kind of did not. Obviously, the actress picked out for the role does not do a good job and of course the director picks Daisy for it! Lol. Either way, I liked that that was how their relationship sparked.

Oh! And all the revenge things she does! Hilarious. I kind of resented Daisy for doing the whole ‘panties thing’, because by that time we knew that it was not Trevis’ fault…but the hair dye! That was so funny! I would be lying if I said that this book was a serious read.

I got pretty mad at Daisy for jumping to conclusions and sending the ‘stood up’ video. But I knew she was going to do something crazy. She really pissed me off at times. Also,it was just comical how whenever she was stuck, she called up Lena. Like, ‘Hey Lena, I don’t really care about your life but help me bring Seconds To Juliet down.

I loved all their little dates! When he takes her to the Korean restaurant, and when they are on top of the tour bus. Their banters were soo cute! The other storylines running through this book were good too. Like her mother and her affair, the dead grandpa, the environment crazy protag…It was different, fresh and fun!

Anyway, that is all I have to say, i guess! Thank you for reading and byeeee!! 🙂 🙂


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