So, this giant review tour was organised by the awesome YA Bound Book Tours! I have been doing so many tours with them that now I feel qualified to officially recommend them to you guys! :P. Anyway, check out the site and all the other tours they hold!


So this review tour is for the Startbright series which is essentially a duology, but contains some novellas as well. I will be reviewing ALL of them, spreading out the reviews over the entire month, and first I am going with book one, Justice Buried.


Title: Justice Buried ( Starbright Series #1)

Author: Hilary Thompson

Genre: Young Adult/ Dystopian/ Romance

My rating: 95.25%, 4.5/5

Source: YA Bound Book Tours


The people need Justice, but she’s not listening. One hundred years before, the Great Sickness reduced the world to three cities. Now the community of Asphodel is trapped underground, waiting for the prophesied maiden of Justice to return and save them from their Fates. Sixteen-year-old Astrea is supposed to be this savior – too bad for them she isn’t a believer. Trea fights against her false destiny: she rebels against her family and friends, then refuses her arranged marriage to the charming but deceitful Lexan. Learning her life is in danger, Trea is forced to trust Lexan – until she discovers a power she never knew she had, and one he already knew he did. As betrayal closes every door, Trea decides she must submit to her stars and accept her fate. Then a handsome stranger offers her an unexpected escape and the chance to create her own destiny.



In General –

Okay, first, let me say I really enjoyed this book! It wasn’t AWESOME, like I-have-to- get-into-this-fandom-immediately, but it was soooo much fun to read and it was dystopian, but it did not feel dystopian, and it was very astrology-based which I LOVED. I always felt that there should be young adult books based on astrology and I seriously thought I would be the first one to write that book but Hilary stole my idea and I couldn’t be happier about it!

The book….well, it revolves (and when I say revolves, I mean ‘revolves’) around this teenager that is destined to partner up with one guy she cannot stand (so classic) and she craves freedom of choice in her little city called Asphodel, which is kind of like an underground Atlantis. People are judged and categorized by their zodiacs and they also have to choose a ‘partner’ with whom they will spend their lives. But stubborn little Astrea doesn’t get to choose. She is a part of a prophecy which is what everyone talks about and is pretty scandalous, at least in my opinion, and Astrea has to choose Lexan for this ‘prophecy’ to come true. Phew.

Overall, I think it was definitely worth the read. You don’t get bored or tempted to skip pages which is happening a lot to me and just…enjoy it. So there.

The characters were a bit of a blur to be honest. I read this book in such a rush that I did not really pay attention to characters but mostly the story and the momentary funny situations that arose. But one thing that truly impressed me was the concept. It was different, logical and very intricately formed. So, Hilary did a great job on that aspect.

Other than that….expect a lot of frustrating-ness from the protagonist, random funny normal moments and much boy-drama. Plus zodiac. A lot of zodiac and astrology.

I would have given this book a full 5/5 if it had that little more oomph you know? But, all the writing and the world-building was pretty on point and I enjoyed it!!! 🙂


In Depth –

Wow. Just wow. How should I …I mean….what…huh. Well, lets just start from the beginning. We start off with a pretty cryptic prologue and then we are introduced to this crazy future where people are classified (not exactly) by their zodiac sings. Does Hilary Thompson know me?? Does she know that I am very, very interested in horoscopes and astrology? It was so much fun to read but the story seemed pretty predictable. I mean, of course there is the one girl who can stop evil from happening and save the world and be the queen. Duh…

I still don’t like Astrea very much. She was too hot tempered and impulsive for me. Not in a smart way. Just a tantrum-throwing kid of way. Her actions were too sporadic – though quite amusing sometimes – and she is a little too prideful. She needs some serious character development which I hope to see in book 2.

There was the obligatory bitchy queen who ruin everything and makes it personal. Leader Keirna was soooo annoying and without doubt, I hope she dies or something.

Now, we have this interesting love triangle building up as well. I am definitely team Lexan all the way. Stian was just….in the moment. I don’t know. But Lexan will help her defeat Keirna later. I feel he is going to prove to be a better companion/partner. But now we have this awkward love square with Astrea and Stian; Lexan and Rea. Ugh.

My thoguhts for the next book will be….there is going to be a lot more expansion in terms of the world building. I mean that we are going to see the other cities and there will be action, love and hopefully, more humor. And Stian better not ruin it by betraying us!!!!

PS. I loved that horse thing!!!! 😛

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