Soo who all are aiming to write the most epic book ever? May it be now or ten years from now, may it be a memoir or a fantasy novel created by you and only you? I am. Well, I would never write non-fiction, but I will write an amazing book/ series and get it published at some point in my life.


I am currently very much inspired to do so and I would love if you guys joined in! I know probably….like 2 people might do it maybe not even 2 , but I will be doing the #thewritingproject for a year starting this September. Yes, this is a “thing” created by me and even if no one joins in, I will be taking up this challenge and doing this by myself since next year for me(last year of school before university) is going to be CRAZY.

If you haven’t yet caught on my drift here, #thewritingproject is a challenge/tag/meme/thingy created by me so all of us can reach our writing goals. Kind of like NaNoWriMo, I guess, except it goes on for a year and has no specific set of rules. The only thing is, I will be doing monthly updates about my writing and will be constantly talking about it on the social medias. Come September 2016, I will share my final product (whatever it may be :P)

In case you guys decide to do this thing with me, let me know! Feel free to use this hashtag >> #thewritingproject around and link back to this post or something! I hope any of you do it! 😀

Remember, this is just a fun little activity which I made up for myself and thought that it will be much more fun if I do it on the internet. So….yeah.




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