On to the second month of….the writing project! So excited! Not that I have come very far in my book, I mean, its only been a month. For a very busy person, this is hard! Anyway, if you don’t know what I am talking about, #thewritingproject is a…thing created by me to get my book done. Quite unoriginal, I believe. But whatever. You can check my introductory post here


So, this month I have gotten a little ahead. My synopsis and my first chapter are done! I polished and re-polished it so many times. But I guess I am ready for you guys to peruse it. Here is the synopsis:

In the Fallway, you gamble to survive. In the Fallway, dark things happen around every corner. In the Fallway, the Young Protectors thrive to make it a better place. In the Fallway, magic and enchantments are hidden by the wicked Mages. In the Fallway, meet Amanda, the Firelighter whose one move can change everything. In the Fallway, meet Aaron, who will do anything to survive. The Blackened Worlds are falling apart…but not if one power can save it all. See you in the Fallway…

Ya, I was going for an intense vibe there. Let me know what you think! Please feel free to criticize and advise me along the way. 🙂

And now, here is an extract/teaser of my first chapter:

I open the door and find my brother fixing his blue hair. Walking in, I stand beside him in front of the mirror and look at his green eyes and back at my plain brown ones. Clearly, he stole all the ‘pretty’ genes. “Are you done? Its never going to stay flat, you know.”, I gestured to his upright hair.

“No need to tell me. I have more brains than you, sis”, he smiles.

I give him my well-perfected death stare and start pulling out my training clothes from the dingy closet. All black, of course. You cannot wear bright colors unless you are a Mage. “How is practice going these days?”, I ask him.

“Oh, little sister, I met a girl!”, his eyes turn dreamy. No. Not again. My brother is the sweetest guy and I love him more than anything, but when it comes to love, he has been exceptionally unlucky. He gets rejected, not for being stupid or unattractive, but because he belongs to the freak-family in southern Fallway.

“Will, you said you were giving up girls for good. You know, to focus on your band?”

“Her name is Angie and we talked and laughed and everything felt perfect.” He was completely ignoring me. I sometimes feel that our roles are reversed. Me, the protective older sibling and William, the incurable romantic.

“Will, I am happy for you but you know how this ends every time.” I watch him put on his jacket and move towards the door. At the same moment, The door opens to reveal Aunt Mackenzie, her face lovely save for the perpetual scowl ruining it.

“You two leavin’? Finally, some peace in the house without a pair of idiotic orphans running around!”, she says, her mocking tone cutting deep.

“Oh, I know right! The feeling’s mutual. It’s great to get away from the old hag making our lives miserable.”, I quip back. Yeah, we hate each other. And as always, Will tries to diffuse the situation with his charm.

“Aunt Mac, I promise we won’t cause any more trouble around the house AND we will be back in time for your delicious soup tonight.” He smiles his dreamy smile,no doubt thinking of Angie, because I know for a fact that he does not want to taste Mackie’s uber-gross soup.

She stares at us skeptically for a moment, her pink hair gleaming. My own hair is white, with a tinge of purple. Good enough for a 70 year old. I wish I could swap hair with old Mackie but then again, the idea is terrifying. “Well, make sure you don’t die out there. All that money for guitar lessons will go waste.”, she snaps and leaves.

Bitch! Dad paid all the money for the lessons and she knows it. Why did she come in here anyway? To scare us with her not-so-impressive insults? Probably.

“Look, Amanda. If you want us to have a roof above our heads, be nice to her. I know she is not the best person, but we have nowhere else to go.” , Will pleads.

“I admit that she is not evil or anything, but the least she could do is give us a larger room!”. Will and I are crammed in this tiny shoe-box of a room where all our belongings have to be piled on tables to give us space to sleep. It always looks messy and Aunt Mac gives us more shit for that.

Will gives me a smirky glance. “Have you thought about getting a job after finishing your Firelighter training? You can move into one of the fancy apartments up in Northern Fallway.”

“What are you saying? I am planning to live in a palace.”, I say, mock-grandly. “You should think about yourself, band-geek. Gambling your way to a shack would be a novelty!”, but he was already out the door.

So…here it was! Phew! I am currently working on my second chapter and still kind of working through the outline. I am one of those people who wants to discover the story as I go. Like, I let the story uncover itself. So, even I don’t know what sort of a novel this will be. All I know is that I want it to be a great one.

Share what you think and leave some nice writing tips! I will need those. Lol. So…this was the monthly update and in the next few months, things will hopefully get a lot more fun! Byeeee!!!


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