So the “official” trailer for the Shadowhunters just dropped and I will be reacting to it! Ah!! The feels!! Okay, so here it is:

Okay..I had to watch that a few times to get my thoughts together and….it looks way better that the movie. Really. I loved the fact that they have increased the ages of the characters. Now its more adult friendly. I guess. I wonder what other ‘adult’ things they would have added. *wink wink*

Anyway, all the actors look great. Kat Mcnamara looks awesome and of course, Dom Sherwood looks badass and delicious. Jace forevah!! I loved how their swords or rather, ‘seraph blades’ just slid out of the thingy. Nice.

We have the infamous scene from the ‘Pandemonium’ where Clary finds out about herself. It looked like she killed a guy (who was probably a demon). Wow. They are definitely doing things differently and I CANNOT wait to see it! It is looking very promising.

The demons look pretty scary though. Also, we didn’t get to know more about the fantasy world. It was mostly like a character intro and a general look of the show. But then again, its a TV show and not a movie so…

They have just wrapped up with season 1 and now we have to hope the show goes well and a second season would be on the way! 🙂


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