First of all, thank you so much to Shivalika @ Whimsy Journals for nominating for this award! Go check out her blog if you haven’t, cuz she totally hooked me on a genre I would never have ventured into. This is going to be so much fun! 🙂


– Thank the person/people who nominated you
– Answer the questions from your nominators.
– Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.


QnA round!!!

hrt Is there any spooky incident that happened to you?

Sadly, nothing paranormal has happened to me. Which is totally unfair. Everyone should have at least one close call with the other side in their life. Thats what I solemnly believe.

hrt What’s the story behind your blog name?

Hmm.. when I was sitting with my laptop on my bed, with a bowl of grapes in my hand, books on my mind, the name: GRAPE FRUIT BOOKS basically came to me out of nowhere. Literally. Just popped into my head. #heavysarcasmapplied

hrt If you could change your hair colour, what would it be?

OOhhh! Definitely light brown. Not quite blonde, not quite brown. Love it.

hrt If you could change your eye colour, what would it be?

Probably dark green. But I don’t know if it will look good. If not, then orangey-hazel. With the light brown hair…sigh.

hrt A quote from a book you are currently reading?

I am currently reading The Distance Between Us and a quote would be: “I’ve seen lots of broken dolls in my life. Some with damage as small as a missing finger but others with dislocated limbs or cracked skulls. None of that compares to how broken I feel right now.”

hrt Which is the latest movie you really enjoyed watching?

Hard to say…probably Pitch Perfect 2


hrt Name the thing that is lying on your right side.

A notebook. BO-RING.

hrt Which book would you love to take with you on your next holiday?

I am visiting the US next month I have already saved up An Ember In The Ashes as my airplane companion. A floppy, cozy paperback is very appealing for a 14 hour flight. I mean, what else am I going to do?!


hrt Who according to you is the most misunderstood book character?

Hmm…I don’t really know. I am not very good when it come to character analysis. Something I have to work on.

hrt Who is your favourite book villain?

Well, Queen Levana is at the top of my shit list so…

hrt Which book character would you like to meet in real life?

So many!! Don’t make me choose! Okay, lets see…someone fun, like Magnus Bane. He can throw one of his parties at my house anytime he wants!

Those were all the questions! I had so much fun and now its time to nominate people!

I really do not have time for nominations so feel free to do this if you want! And if you like…sunshine, I guess? Lol. You can use my questions!

And of course, Bye!!!!


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