So let’s be honest. How many of you have enthusiastically started a thing. It could be anything. A new book, an instrument, homework 😛 , …. a new blog? If so, how many of you have actually accomplished it? How many of you were committed and determined? If you are one of those people who do things with full energy and vigor once they decide to do it, you probably have. Sadly, I may not be one of those people. I say “may” because you never know when things may turn around for me.

Right now I have about a million things going on. Time has flown faster than wind and I don’t know how I am going to get half of these things done…Especially when I am in a different country.  But I have committed myself to this blog, to my studies, to my friends and family. Handling all that at once is...not easy. But you gotta do what you gotta do. And I am sure, by the end of this year, more things are gonna come up, opportunities that I cannot pass up, decisions I am going to have to make. I knew this is ALL a part of growing up and moving into adulthood. And it feels…good. Seriously. Some people might think being overwhelmed with the world would be taxing for an average teen, I think I should embrace it. I should embrace all the crazy experiences that I will encounter in the near future. Will you?

Okay, okay. I know this post has been off-track and a little “stream of consciousness-y”. Sorry about that. I just had some things on my mind. That had nothing to do with books. Its a weird urge, you know. Anyway, if you understood ANY of that little story I wrote out above, please comment and let me know your thoughts and stuff. Lets keep this post as a discussion about something other than books.



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