So, I have been thinking about going off the internet starting next year. There are many reasons to this but the most depressing consequence is that I will be cut off from this blog. I mean, I just started this a few moths ago. Its not even been a year. (My blogoversary is in March 2016 by the way). I do not want to abandon my blog a year in. Because I know I will be indirectly abandoning it forever.

Now, to go into my reasons, they are pretty normal: too much schoolwork happening next year as it will be my last, internet has turned my social life upside down, Youtube addiction growing unhealthy, ect.

So, I have never gone off the internet fully. And I am thinking of doing it for a year?!

But my question is, have any of you done this? What were the results and how did you feel? People say its a good thing but I would like to hear it from like-minded bloggy bookworms.

Let me know and byeeee!!!



2 thoughts on “INTERNET DETOX?!

  1. WOW! That sounds like quite the task. I’ve never done it before, though I have decided to minimalize things like YouTube, Tumblr etc. to only going on it at nights. But I say, if you feel like that’s what you should do, go for it! I’ll hate to see your blog not being posted on anymore but I understand.

    Good luck!

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