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So, the shiny, bright new year is coming up and I was thinking if it would be a good idea to re-style my blog. And I am talking a FULL transformation, not just little edits here and there. I have not changed the theme of my blog since I started it so I was thinking of doing it for the new year. Going a little fancy and edge-y at the same time, if you know what I mean!

Don’t really have many ideas…but let me know what types of themes you guys have and what would you recommend; if you even recommend changing the theme in the first place.

If I decide to do this, I will be changing the theme, palate, font and maybe my layout. I was just worried if it would be good to make any changes. I do like the style I have now but I have been tempted to take a look at some other styles now that my blog is nicely filled out with posts and stuff.

Please let me know if I should do it and leave some suggestions if you like!




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