Yes! It is that time of the month where I talk about my novel progressions. Except it is already the new year and this post is long overdue and I am very embarrassed. But cut me some slack. December has been crazy and I did not get an off day on Christmas as well as New Years Day. So I am cranky.

Anyway, the novel is going goooddd!!! I added some stuff and since this is the first time I am writing a book, I am slowly recognizing my style of writing. It is a very complex process as a whole. I, personally, am a slow writer. By that I mean that I get stuck on one chapter for a long time. Perfecting things, editing things and re-writing things. I have done that on my second chapter a lot. Also, I am still on my second chapter. Arrggh!!

But it is coming along and this time, I actually need some advice. This one topic/aspect I thought I had covered but I do not:


I want my book to have an amazing romance. Reading a fantasy novel is difficult and I have always loved the romance scenes that pop up from time to time. But I also love balance. And I do not really know how to go about it. I have pretty much introduced my love interest and now I don’t know which path to take. What sort of romance should they have? Passionate and epic? Sweet and burning? Fiery and hilarious?


Okay, that is all for now.

Byeee and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


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