About me n’ Contacts


Hey! This is your host, Sania. Who will be blabbering on and on about books over here. You can visit anytime for her talks about books, rants, tags and other fun things! She is a student who is trying to find an escape from her wayy too stressful life and tucking herself up with books and internet is a lot more fun than she thought.

She loves: YA lit, books with funny characters, animes, horror movies, spicy food, coffee and most importantly, WI-FI.

Hope you join me in my adventures, discoveries and a lot of GRAPES.


If you have any queries, or if you just want to chat, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime here:

Email: san99uk@gmail.com

Message me on twitter!: @GrapeFruitBooks

Look for me on Instagram!! : GRAPEFRUITBOOKS

Talk to me on tumblr!: colorhearts100

Find me on Goodreads!: Sania Vichare

I will most likely respond to emails and Goodreads messages. Just sayin’.


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