Bookish Talks


So booktube is a thing. Yup, it was inevitable. You have book lovers everywhere, you got internet lovers everywhere. Bring the two together and BAM! Booktube.

Now if you don’t know what booktubing is, its basically making videos on youtube about books. Book reviews, bookish rants, TBRs, wrap-ups, tags and challenges. Its all good stuff.

I have thought about booktubing a lot. But I have decided that i am going to wait some time for that. I mean, I am already new to this whole blogging thing, so making videos and putting them on youtube is something I am not ready for. I first need to blog more and get mixed up in world of book lovers. I do watch some booktubers and love their videos as they have played a huge part in introducing me to the young adult genre.

Some of my fav booktubers are:

1) Polandbananasbooks – Christine : The most hilarious person ever. Really trust her opinion on books though..

2) Katytastic – Kat : Writer, vlogger and coffee addict, her bookshelves are something to look at.

3) Abookutopia – Sasha : Crazy fangirl!!!

4) Little Book Owl – Catriona : Australian awesomeness!! 🙂 🙂

Still waiting for the day when i make videos…. lol.


I think I am in a reading slump. Its bad. This is the first time this is happening, so I don’t really know if it is a reading slump. It’s weird, you know? I don’t feel like reading anything. I am bored with all the books I am trying to read. I am telling myself that those books are not for me… at least for now. I mean, I want to pick up a new book every now then. Nothing works. I have started reading  Will Grayson, Will Grayson and I am a little interested but not that much…. this sucks. Hopefully, I will get through this soon or i will not be able to do a single book review!! Ahhh!


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