Okay! Its time to establish some ground rules. Here is my review policy. You might wanna go through this before contacting me for reviews.

  1. If you want me to review any book (for a publication or promotion) reach out to me ONLY through e-mail. My address:
  2. If you have any requests other than reviews, or if you have any queries about my blog and such, you can contact me through any of my social media (again, e-mailing me is fine too). Head over to my Contact me page.
  3. Genres that I review:
  • YA – All
  • New Adult –  Contemporary
  • Upper Middle Grade – All

NO CHILDREN’S BOOKS OR AUDIOBOOKS OR NON-FICTION. If you have a book other than the above mentioned genres, send me a description and blurb of the book along with all info.

4. In your request, include:

  • Type of request (review, giveaway, cover reveal, promo post, etc.)
  • Author + release date (specify if it is an ARC)
  • Cover, blurb, publishing house + any other miscellaneous snippets
  • Follow-up contact information

Do NOT send the copy in the e-mail. Wait for my reply and we can discuss more details before going ahead. (Especially if its a physical copy).

5. My rating system:

I normally prefer a percent scale:

100% – love love love. No words. Speechless. Beyond all expectations. Will recommend to every human.

90-100% – Loved it so much! Enjoyment levels are high. Will definitely continue if its a series and check out other books by author.

80- 90% – Liked it, was probably initially drawn in by the description and blurb. May or may not continue.

60- 80% – Good enough. Kind of what I expected and nothing more. Will most likely not continue.

Below 60% – Didn’t do it for me. Didn’t enjoy the writing, characters and story. No interest whatsoever.

I also include a 0-5 rating scale cuz its more used by people.

5/5 – Equivalent to 90-100%

4-5/5 – Very impressed and lovin’ everything about it.

3-4/5 – That was good. Not the best, not the worst. Worth giving a shot.

Below 3 – Not quite what I wanted. Did not fall into the story and ‘meh’ about it.

6. While sending me a review copy (physical or e-book), SPECIFY all the deets: when you want the review to be done, whether you would like me to include any other extras in my post, any giveaway info and most importantly, book purchase links. After all, this blog is also about promoting books, not just reviewing them! 🙂

Okay, that is it for now. I might add some other stuff later! Thank you for reading! 🙂


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